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橋本 和仁

氏名/所属 橋本 和仁物質・材料研究機構


内藤 昌信

氏名/所属 内藤 昌信物質・材料研究機構 統合型材料開発・情報基盤部門
メッセージ メッセージWelcome to STAM, seriously.
“Open Access” is the most exciting and important development in science communication since scientific finding shared through publishing in journals.
Putting state-of-the-art knowledge into the hands of individuals will change the way that researchers learn, think, and create. Therefore, to realize the power of open access, STAM is willing to be a platform for both traditional and emerging research fields. We look forward to your participation in challenge of the gold open access journal in materials science, STAM.

Hany, Roland

氏名/所属 Hany, Roland Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland

廣畑 貴文

氏名/所属 廣畑 貴文University of York, UK
メッセージ メッセージI am very much excited to work for STAM, which is one of the leading journals specialised on materials and their applications. I look forward to receiving many interesting papers.

Sandhu, Adarsh

氏名/所属 Sandhu, Adarsh 電気通信大学 大学院情報理工学研究科


有賀 克彦

氏名/所属 有賀 克彦物質・材料研究機構 国際ナノアーキテクトニクス研究拠点
メッセージ メッセージThis journal covers a broad area of materials science and technology, and allows facile and free access to journal contents. Recent rapid development in materials science and technology could be monitored using only this publication style, which cannot be accomplished by other traditional material journals.

Bergström, Lennart

氏名/所属 Bergström, Lennart Stockholm University, Sweden

Bodnarchuk, Maryna

氏名/所属 Bodnarchuk, MarynaSwiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland

Cabral, Horacio

氏名/所属 Cabral, Horacio東京大学 大学院工学系研究科 バイオエンジニアリング専攻

Cartmell, Sarah

氏名/所属 Cartmell, SarahUniversity of Manchester, UK
メッセージ メッセージI am looking forward to working with the dynamic and diverse internal editorial board of STAM. I recommend publication in STAM to ensure the prompt and high profile dissemination your research requires!

Castro, Fernando

氏名/所属 Castro, Fernando National Physical Laboratory, UK
メッセージ メッセージIt is a great pleasure to join the STAM editorial team. STAM is a high-impact open-access journal covering advanced and interdisciplinary materials research. I look forward to supporting its activities and highly recommend submission of papers in exciting new areas of materials science, including nanoelectronics, flexible, organic and hybrid optoelectronics, metrology and solar cells.

Elliott, James A.

氏名/所属 Elliott, James A. University of Cambridge, UK
メッセージ メッセージI have been an Associate Editor for STAM since 2013, and proud to be associated with this pioneering Open Access journal which is publishing important articles across a wide range of materials disciplines. I am working hard to increase the profile of STAM for European audiences, and look forward to receiving your submissions.

Grasset, Fabien

氏名/所属 Grasset, Fabien National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) - ISCR, France
メッセージ メッセージSTAM is an open acces and interdisciplinary journal which contributes to advances in materials science. Therefore, I strongly recommend the researchers working in solid state chemistry and materials science to publish their best papers in STAM for high visibility.

Grin, Yuri

氏名/所属 Grin, Yuri Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Germany
メッセージ メッセージSTAM is offering to the scientific community a wide-spectrum picture of the materials research around the world. Therefore it is worth to read it and worth to publish in it for anybody working in the field of solid state chemistry and materials science.

Han, Seungwu

氏名/所属 Han, Seungwu Seoul National University, Korea
メッセージ メッセージIt is my great pleasure and honor to renew my position as the Assistant Editor in STAM. I will try my best to increase the journal reputation. My main research is to apply computational methods in understanding various issues in electronic devices.

Han, Yongsheng

氏名/所属 Han, YongshengChinese Academy of Sciences, China
メッセージ メッセージIt is my great pleasure to join in the STAM Journal. I do believe that STAM will attract more and more attention in the field of advanced materials and take the leading position among relative journals. I am ready to select the high quality papers and organize special issues to promote STAM. I hope STAM will be the first choice of top scientists of materials to publish their finding and STAM become a family of energic people.

Hassel, Achim Walter

氏名/所属 Hassel, Achim WalterJohannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

一杉 太郎

氏名/所属 一杉 太郎東京工業大学 物質理工学院

乾 晴行

氏名/所属 乾 晴行京都大学 大学院工学研究科 材料工学専攻

板垣 奈穂

氏名/所属 板垣 奈穂九州大学 大学院システム情報科学研究院
メッセージ メッセージI am very excited to serve as an associate editor of STAM. This unique journal is offering free access to selected high-quality papers on advanced materials which will surely stimulate your interest.

神原 淳

氏名/所属 神原 淳東京大学 大学院工学系研究科 マテリアル工学専攻
メッセージ メッセージSTAM covers literally the science and technology of materials in a variety of applications. Its open-access is the suitable platform to share and disseminate your novel materials and ideas of materials processing.

神谷 利夫

氏名/所属 神谷 利夫東京工業大学 科学技術創成研究院

川崎 恵

氏名/所属 川崎 恵Oregon State University, USA
メッセージ メッセージI am excited about joining the STAM team. The journal covers a mixture of physics and chemistry of materials and I would like to contribute especially to strengthening a field of structural materials. I encourage researchers to submit their best results in STAM!

川下 将一

氏名/所属 川下 将一東京医科歯科大学 医療基盤材料研究部門 無機生体材料学分野

Kim, Hyoung Seop

氏名/所属 Kim, Hyoung Seop POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology), Korea
メッセージ メッセージI look forward to a new nice journal in materials engineering and technology as well as science.

Kim, Jung Ho

氏名/所属 Kim, Jung HoUniversity of Wollongong, Australia
メッセージ メッセージIt is a great honor for me to have this opportunity to join the STAM editorial team. I believe that STAM continues to be a prestige journal for high-quality multidisciplinary papers, including material sciences and applications. I strongly would like to encourage all researchers to submit your research work to support the STAM.

喜多 浩之

氏名/所属 喜多 浩之東京大学 大学院工学系研究科 マテリアル工学専攻
メッセージ メッセージNowadays engineering of the functions of ultrathin films, surfaces and interfaces has a crucial role in the development of advanced electron devices. An open-access journal, STAM is providing a precious opportunity for every device engineer and scientist to discuss the hot topics on the material properties with the people in a wide variety of fields of science.

Kumar, P.S. Anil

氏名/所属 Kumar, P.S. Anil Indian Institute of Science, India
メッセージ メッセージIt gives me great pleasure to be associated with STAM at this point of time as the materials community is fast growing with a tremendous interdisciplinary approach. The open access concept makes this journal accessible to all the materials scientists. Today, the materials science and technology offers fundamental insights into basic science as well as viable technological solutions to many of the societal needs. As an associate editor, my efforts will be to identify and promote high quality materials research that will have a long-term impact on the basic science & technology and in turn the quality of life.

Lee, Pooi See

氏名/所属 Lee, Pooi SeeNanyang Technological University, Singapore
メッセージ メッセージI look forward to working with STAM team and readers to pursue scientific excellence and promote technological innovation for broader societal impact.

Leong, David Tai Wei

氏名/所属 Leong, David Tai WeiNational University of Singapore, Singapore
メッセージ メッセージSTAM aims to publish the papers that represent the state of the art technologies derived from cutting edge understanding of material sciences, physics, chemistry and biology principles. Our editors are all experts in their own fields and cohesively will handle submissions in a fair and inclusive manner where merits and the best of scientific work prevails.

Lin, Hong

氏名/所属 Lin, HongTsinghua University, China

Liu, Bilu

氏名/所属 Liu, BiluTsinghua University, China
メッセージ メッセージIt is my honor to be an Associate Editor of the Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) and have the opportunity to serve the journal. STAM is a leading journal covering all aspects of materials research and includes both fundamental research and applications. I am looking forward to working on high-quality submissions related to the synthesis of low-dimensional semiconducting materials and their applications in electronics and energy.

Maignan, Antoine

氏名/所属 Maignan, AntoineNational Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)-CRISMAT, France

Mi, Peng

氏名/所属 Mi, PengSichuan University, China
メッセージ メッセージThe STAM is a very good journal covers many field of materials, as well as the applications of materials. It publishes many high quality papers in the materials field. We believe that the influence and impact of STAM will gradually increase in the near future.

水口 将輝

氏名/所属 水口 将輝名古屋大学 大学院工学研究科 物質プロセス工学専攻
メッセージ メッセージSTAM is a unique scientific journal dealing with various advanced materials. I am convinced that STAM provides high-quality services and the benefits of Open Access publishing in the material science world.

Park, Chan

氏名/所属 Park, ChanSeoul National University, Korea
メッセージ メッセージI am very happy to join the editorial activities of STAM which is a leading open access, international journal for outstanding research articles on all aspects of materials science. I look forward to being a part of the growth of STAM.

Park, Cheolmin

氏名/所属 Park, CheolminYonsei University, Korea
メッセージ メッセージIt is my great pleasure to join the STAM editorial team. STAM is a high-impact open-access journal covering advanced and interdisciplinary materials research. I look forward to supporting its activities and highly recommend submission of papers in exciting new areas of materials science, including self assembled nanostructures, flexible, organic and hybrid photo-electronics, and sensors.

Rao, Jianyu

氏名/所属 Rao, Jianyu University of California, Los Angeles, USA
メッセージ メッセージTechnological advance is the key for the future of precision medicine, and I think STAM will play an important role in this regard.

高村 由起子

氏名/所属 高村 由起子北陸先端科学技術大学院大学 マテリアルサイエンス研究科
メッセージ メッセージI have always been proud of having one of my papers published in the first volume of Science and Technology of Advanced Materials. 15 years later, as an associate editor, my wish is to contribute to the journal’s efforts to disseminate exciting new findings in the ever emerging field of materials science and engineering to a broader audience.

谷垣 勝己

氏名/所属 谷垣 勝己東北大学 材料科学高等研究所/Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS), China

鄭 雄一

氏名/所属 鄭 雄一東京大学 大学院工学系研究科 バイオエンジニアリング専攻
メッセージ メッセージWe welcome papers on novel materials integrating materials science with biology and medicine. We also welcome papers on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine with clear stress on materials science.

寺村 裕治

氏名/所属 寺村 裕治産業技術総合研究所 細胞分子工学研究部門/Uppsala University, Sweden
メッセージ メッセージScience and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) is a high-impact and open-access journal, which covers broad area of material science. We are pleased to accept your papers on advanced materials to our STAM. Particularly, we focus on novel materials contributing not only to material science, but also medicine. Welcome!

土谷 浩一

氏名/所属 土谷 浩一物質・材料研究機構 若手国際研究センター

宇治 進也

氏名/所属 宇治 進也物質・材料研究機構 機能性材料研究拠点

Wei, Alexander

氏名/所属 Wei, AlexanderPurdue University, USA
メッセージ メッセージAs an editor for a peer-reviewed, open-access journal such as STAM, I strive to provide authors with rapid and expert reviews from a global field of scholars. STAM also serves the materials science community by organizing timely focus issues on emerging research areas of growing importance.

Wu, Yiquan

氏名/所属 Wu, YiquanAlfred University, USA
メッセージ メッセージIt is a great honor to serve as an Associate Editor for the STAM. The journal is an excellent open-access resource for materials research. I am excited to have the opportunity to join in the team to support the journal growth.

Xiong, Wei

氏名/所属 Xiong, WeiUniversity of Pittsburgh, USA
メッセージ メッセージSTAM is the flagship journal in materials science published by NIMS. With the synergistic efforts by editorial office and journal authors, scientific papers published in STAM are always representing the frontier research of the materials science and engineering. It is indisputable that the STAM journal will keep its leading role among various scientific journals in advanced materials research.

藪内 直明

氏名/所属 藪内 直明横浜国立大学 大学院工学研究院 機能の創生部門
メッセージ メッセージSTAM provides an open access platform for authors to publish important research articles in the field of materials science. I am looking forward to support your submissions to STAM with the great editorial team.

Zhang, Wei

氏名/所属 Zhang, WeiUniversity of Surrey, UK
メッセージ メッセージIt is my great honor to join the STAM editorial team. STAM is a high-impact multidisciplinary journal covering cutting-edge research on materials and their applications. I look forward to enhancing STAM's impact by recommending high-quality research contributions that reflect the most exciting advances of emerging areas, including perovskite solar cells and optoelectronics, solar fuels, next-generation batteries and supercapacitors, self-powered electronic devices.

Zhang, Yang

氏名/所属 Zhang, Yang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
メッセージ メッセージI am excited to join the editorial team of STAM. STAM covers a wide range of fundamental and applied topics of materials science. I look forward to bringing my expertise on non-equilibrium matter, particularly on liquids and soft matter, to the journal.

Zhou, Ye

氏名/所属 Zhou, YeShenzhen University, China
メッセージ メッセージScience and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) is a high-impact international journal and famous platform in the area of materials science. STAM has many high quality original research articles and important reviews, which can bring a lot of knowledge to the scientists who are working in the area of materials science, chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.


安藤 康伸

氏名/所属 安藤 康伸産業技術総合研究所 機能材料コンピュテーショナルデザイン研究センター

Dam, Hieu Chi

氏名/所属 Dam, Hieu Chi北陸先端科学技術大学院大学 知識科学系 知識マネジメント領域

井上 純哉

氏名/所属 井上 純哉東京大学 生産技術研究所

伊藤 海太

氏名/所属 伊藤 海太物質・材料研究機構 統合型材料開発・情報基盤部門

烏山 昌幸

氏名/所属 烏山 昌幸名古屋工業大学 情報工学科

中山 将伸

氏名/所属 中山 将伸名古屋工業大学 大学院工学研究科

Padula, Daniele

氏名/所属 Padula, DanieleUniversity of Siena, Italy

多田 朋史

氏名/所属 多田 朋史九州大学 エネルギー研究教育機構

高橋 啓介

氏名/所属 高橋 啓介北海道大学大学院 理学研究院化学部門

田村 亮

氏名/所属 田村 亮物質・材料研究機構 国際ナノアーキテクトニクス研究拠点

塚田 祐貴

氏名/所属 塚田 祐貴名古屋大学 大学院工学研究科 材料デザイン工学専攻

Warren, James

氏名/所属 Warren, JamesNational Institute of Standards and Technology, USA


Bolt, Harald

氏名/所属 Bolt, HaraldForschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany

Bona, Gian-Luca

氏名/所属 Bona, Gian-LucaSwiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland
メッセージ メッセージEmpa is the leading scientific institution for material research and technology development in Switzerland. STAM is one of the most advanced journals for material scientists including activities concerning photonics.

Chang, Robert

氏名/所属 Chang, RobertNorthwestern Unversity, USA

Chen, Xiaodong

氏名/所属 Chen, XiaodongNanyang Technological University, Singapore

江上 毅

氏名/所属 江上 毅University of Tennessee, USA

Gimzewski, James K.

氏名/所属 Gimzewski, James K.University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Grätzel, Michael

氏名/所属 Grätzel, Michael Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland

細野 秀雄

氏名/所属 細野 秀雄東京工業大学 元素戦略研究センター
メッセージ メッセージSTAM is a leading journal launched by the strong initiative of the Japanese Materials Community, covering all aspect of materials. Excellent topical review papers and high quality original papers are published in open access. I strongly recommend this journal for submitting your next paper/review as well as keeping the URL address on your computer.

Humphreys, Colin

氏名/所属 Humphreys, ColinUniversity of Cambridge, UK
メッセージ メッセージSTAM is a high quality international journal with a high and rising impact factor. It covers all areas at the forefront of Materials Science.

片岡 一則

氏名/所属 片岡 一則川崎市産業振興財団 ナノ医療イノベーションセンター

Kim, Doh-Yeon

氏名/所属 Kim, Doh-YeonPohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
メッセージ メッセージScience and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) is without question an outstanding open-access international journal that renders an important service to the materials community around the world. With careful attention, STAM selects and features remarkable, novel research works from a wide range of materials science and engineering. It allows significant discoveries to receive the scholarly and public recognition they deserve, and helps the audience keep abreast of the trends and developments in relation to materials. I am much delighted to be serving on the Advisory Board and join the efforts to contribute to the growth and development of materials science.

十倉 好紀

氏名/所属 十倉 好紀理化学研究所 創発物性科学研究センター

Tuller, Harry L.

氏名/所属 Tuller, Harry L. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Xue, Qi-Kun

氏名/所属 Xue, Qi-KunTsinghua University, China

山本 喜久

氏名/所属 山本 喜久NTT Research, Inc., USA
メッセージ メッセージSTAM has published many seminal papers in condensed matter physics and material sciences. You may submit an original research paper and comprehensive review article, for which we will provide a quick and professional assessment. STAM is also a good choice to publish several papers simultaneously under the special issue on a specific subject. A proposal on the topic for the special issue is welcome.


増本 健

氏名/所属 増本 健電磁材料研究所相談役, 東北大学名誉教授

岸 輝雄

氏名/所属 岸 輝雄東京大学名誉教授(元・物質・材料研究機構理事長)

吉田 豊信

氏名/所属 吉田 豊信東京大学名誉教授

山口 周

氏名/所属 山口 周大学改革支援・学位授与機構教授, 東京大学名誉教授

編集室(物質・材料研究機構 材料データプラットフォームセンター)

篠原 嘉一

氏名/所属 篠原 嘉一出版ディレクター

菱田 俊一

氏名/所属 菱田 俊一編集コーディネーター

佐藤 恭子

氏名/所属 佐藤 恭子編集アシスタント

杉山 令

氏名/所属 杉山 令編集アシスタント

若林 弘美

氏名/所属 若林 弘美広報コーディネーター

Wang, Yarong

氏名/所属 Wang, Yarong編集コーディネーター